Fans, Musicians Interpret Beck

Earlier this year, when Beck announced plans to release his ‘Song Reader’ book, which features sheet music for 20 songs he wrote but hasn’t recorded, he hoped other musicians would take on the challenge of piecing together the tunes and maybe even try recording them. Now that ‘Reader’ is out — it hit shelves earlier this month — some musicians are doing just that, and Beck has started a website,, which features videos of various musicians — most of them amateurs — trying their hand at interpreting the songs.

“It’s something that was part of what brought people together,” Beck tells the AP, recalling the era of the ’20s and ’30s when families would sit around a pianist playing off sheet music and sing along. “Playing music in the home is another aspect of that that’s been lost. I’m not on a campaign to get people to take up songs and play music in their home or anything. But it is interesting to me, the loss of that, what it means.”




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