Grinch Takes Gifts AND Dog

Sailor Chris Cole returned home from base Thursday in Norfolk, VA to find his house was burglarized.  “They came through the garage. You can see where they crow-barred their way in here,” says Cole.

“They went through all the drawers, tore everything out to make sure nothing was hidden in there.” They took all the presents under the tree.

But worst of all, the Coles’ 2-year-old pit-bull Nyla was stolen too. Not knowing if Nyla was friendly, a burglar threw pizza at the dog on the couch, then realizing the pure bred didn’t bite, she became one more thing to steal.

“Nyla is our family and that’s the most important thing to us,” says Stacey Cole, “We don’t care about anything else really. We just want our family put back together, especially for Christmas.”



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