Monthly Services for Men

Ahhh, the gift that keeps on giving.  Subscription delivery services are popping up for all sorts of goods, from beauty products, clothing, shoes, healthy snacks and more. This batch is meant for YOU, a man of the world. And you thought it was exciting to get a magazine every month? Check THESE out:

Manpacks lets you select from a variety of underwear, T-shirts, socks, toiletries and grooming essentials at various price points to create your pack. You receive your custom Manpack once every three months. The cost of the service varies depending on what items you select. Chose from brands such as Calvin Klein, Champion, Grooming Lounge, Gold Toe, Raw Materials and Sir Richards Condoms on the Manpack site.

Not your thing? Budget not that big? Try the Dollar Shave Club. The company ships razors and replacement blades to your door for $1 plus shipping and handling. Or you can upgrade to better razors at a $6 or $9 per month plan, which includes shipping and handling. If you start with the $1 razor and want to upgrade, you get the handle of your new razor free of charge.

 Still not impressed? Difficult to please?  READ MORE

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