Parking Panda

Parking Panda, a new service that allows drivers to list their empty spaces and others to rent them as needed, is looking to solve the problem of an ever-increasing shortage of parking spaces nationwide.

By compiling a network of unused parking spaces, Parking Panda provides drivers with a list of available spots, allowing them to reserve and pay online.

Anyone using the service can register an unused spot. Those looking for a parking spot at a particular time can log on and search available spaces, rent and pay online with a guaranteed empty spot. However, spots may not always be available as availability depends on how many people register empty spots and where and when they are accessible.

“A single space in a driveway or backyard is hardly worth marketing,” Slate’s Matthew Yglesias wrote, “but if an online service can drastically simplify the discovery process, then suddenly ‘hidden’ parking capacity can be unlocked.”

Try Parking Panda in Chicago.  It could relieve all your woes in coming to the city with just a few clicks!


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