Loyola 35 Youngstown State 30 Halftime

Loyola forward Ben Averkamp (24) leads all scorers with 13 points.

Ben Averkamp was the driving force behind Loyola’s first half comeback. Loyola took an early 6-2 lead, but missed shots, lack of defense in the paint, and the inability to rebound put Loyola in a hole.

Turnovers also assisted Loyola in their first half downward spiral. YSU took advantage of every opportunity Loyola’s mistakes gave them. At one point the Penguins led by as much as nine.

The Ramblers however would not be denied as their star player {Averkamp} would put his team on his back as he’s done so many times. His 13 points and 5 rebounds would push the Ramblers in the right direction.

Eventually Loyola would tie the game late in the half. And as Youngstown State frantically tried to regain the lead, they began to make mistakes which tipped the scales in Loyola’s favor.

The Ramblers would finish the first half on a 6-2 run and here we stand at the half with Loyola leading 35-30. Let’s see if Loyola can keep up the pressure in the second half.

Here is the halftime box score:

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