Stick It

Two armed men attempted to carjack a Corvette last week, Orlando police say, but were unable to figure out how to work the manual transmission.

The Corvette’s owner, 51-year-old Randolph Bean, told WKMG-TV he was sitting in the yellow vehicle waiting for his wife to get out of work at the Orlando Regional Medical Center at around 11:20 p.m. He saw two men approaching the car with a gun “drawn and pointing at me.”

Bean says they opened the door and forced him out of the vehicle. One man held him on the ground at gun point.

The second man, he says, got into the vehicle and, after some apparent confusion, started screaming, “How do I start the car?” at Bean.

“I had to tell him four different times to push in the clutch, because it’s a standard transmission,” Bean told WOFL-TV.

Finally giving up on the carjacking, the robbers took his wallet, phone, and house keys and fled, presumably on foot or a vehicle with an automatic transmission.


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