Vikings 34 Flames 26 Halftime

The Flames are struggling so far. They are only 4-8 from the free throw line, 10-24 from the field, only 2-7 from three point range, and they’ve committed six turnovers. All of which have lead to points for Cleveland State.

Hayden Humes has been the lone bright spot for UIC, he leads his team with 10 points. Gary Talton has been held in check by CSU’s defense. He’s only scored once tonight and Josh Crittle hasn’t fared much better as he only has five points. He’s also only shot 1-5 from the foul line.

The Vikings have been able to hit wide open shots, apply pressure on defense, and they’ve managed to keep the Flames star players under wraps. UIC will need to come out disciplined in the second half. They need to stop committing turnovers, Gary Talton, Daniel Barnes, and Josh Crittle need to get their motors going, and they need to tighten up on defense.

The Flames may have the size advantage, but CSU has been countering with their speed and quickness. This will be a very interesting second half as the Flames will need to go all out to keep Cleveland State from snapping their three-game winning streak.

Here is the halftime box score:

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