Career Success Hinges Upon This Trait

violetThe real secret to success is one that folks rarely talk about, either because they don’t think they have to point it out or because they don’t realize that it’s the first real step.

The first thing to worry about, the thing that matters most first, before all others? Your confidence.

If you’re not confident, “networking” and “baby steps” won’t take you very far. You’ll go to events and flail about. As you interact with people, you’ll convey your own self-doubt. Your words may say one thing, but your body language will say, “I don’t believe in myself, and neither should you.”

Some people feel ineffective doing what they need to do to succeed. They’ll attend networking events without much success, but they should keep going. “Just get yourself out there,” they say. “The more people you meet, the more comfortable you’ll feel.”

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