Flashback to 1988 – The Pixies

pixAt the time of its release, ‘Surfer Rosa’ was no big deal. The Pixies’ debut album came less than six months after their first EP, ‘Come On Pilgrim,’ which included a handful of songs remixed from their scrappy demo tape. But ‘Come On Pilgrim’ didn’t stir much interest outside of a small college-rock cult audience. So when ‘Surfer Rosa’ hit shelves on March 21, 1988, it wasn’t like tons of fans were waiting for it.

But over the years the album’s rep grew. And grew. And grew. Today, on the 25th anniversary of its release, ‘Surfer Rosa’ is considered an indie rock cornerstone, a masterpiece of the soft-loud-soft dynamic used by everyone from Nirvana to the Smashing Pumpkins to Spoon. It’s an essential record that connects the dots between ‘80s college rock and its evolution toward ‘90s indie.


Source: http://diffuser.fm/pixies-surfer-rosa-album-released/

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