No Foolin: Volbeat To Tear Up Aragon April 5th

volbeat_smDanish badasses (seems counterintuitive, but if you’re a metal fan you know that some of the scariest people ever have crawled out of places like Norway and Copenhagen) Volbeat are hitting Chicago April 5th…and we pray the Aragon survives the onslaught.

Actually, Volbeat is not your average metal act.  They are just as likely to incorporate harmonicas and melodies into a tune as they are to lay the hammer down and welcome the likes of King Diamond to the stage for a set.  The Ballroom will be packed so grab up on your tix while there’s still time!


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Here’s a glimpse of what it may look like that Friday night:

You’ve been warned.

Here’s a bit of an interview the band’s frontman, Michael Poulsen did recently with Reverb:

There is only one metal band on the planet to utter the words “more banjo” in a recording studio. That band is Volbeat. And yes—they rock the crap out of a banjo.

Since the release of 2010’s “Beyond Hell/Above Heaven,” the Danish outfit has had the hard rock world obsessing over their unique hybrid of rockabilly and metal, which is why the new album “Outlaw Gentleman and Shady Ladies” (out April 9) is one of the most anticipated albums of the year.

Fresh from a flight across the pond, Reverb caught up with Volbeat’s Michael Poulsen to talk about the mysterious new concept album and some interesting additions to the band.

Reverb: Nobody has had a chance to even preview this album so knowing that people haven’t heard it, how would you describe it?

Michael Poulsen: It’s the best [laughs].

Good answer.

It’s the best record until we make a new one. It’s a new set up and another studio, another producer, we have a new axe man on the record, which we are really proud of. We can’t wait for this monster to get out.

When you were writing this record, was it your intention to make a concept album?

When I started writing the new songs I definitely had some inspiration from old Western movies. I’ve been watching those movies since I was a little kid with my father and ya know, I always liked [them]—I just didn’t know when I was supposed to do anything about it. It came naturally at this time when we were writing our fifth album. I made sure to put those characters, legendary gunslingers and outlaws blended together with pictures of persons I created in my own universe.

You added Rob Caggiano (Anthrax) to the lineup. Did you have to change anything in the recordings to make room for his guitar or was he on it from the beginning?

We only changed to a better thing. When we had the opportunity to work with Rob I opened up certain songs and gave him space for putting in some of his input and that gave the songs the edge that I was searching for. I think that’s also the reason why Rob decided the incorporation with the band and that his ideas were actually working.

I saw that this album is going to incorporate banjo and even some harmonica. Were there any ideas that were even a little too strange for you guys?

Not really. And you know if there was I already forgot. If its not working, it’s not working—I’m just moving forward.




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