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davidDavid Draiman is gearing up to release the self-titled debut album from his new band Device. In Loudwire’s interview with Draiman, he talks about his approach to making the Device album, given his long history with Disturbed, as well as the wealth of incredible guest appearances he was able to secure for the disc. An excerpt from the interview:

When you first announced the project Device, you mentioned Nine Inch Nails and Ministry as references, and listening to the album, there are definitely industrial elements. But there’s also this sense of familiarity in you vocal delivery that your Disturbed fans are likely to identify with. Was there a conscious effort to offer both the unfamiliar and the familiar?

There was no conscious effort, that’s for certain. My voice is associated with Disturbed — that’s how my voice is branded and when I go into the more staccato, rhythmic delivery, which is just a very comfortable and familiar place, it’s a powerful place for me to go vocally. It’s felt natural since the day I first walked up to the audition that at a time when the rest of the guys were in a band called Brawl and wanted to play cover songs to see if we could break the ice with each other.

I challenged them to play me their originals and they’re like, “What are you going to sing,” and I’m like, “I’ll come up with something,” and what I came up with was, “Your mind won’t let you say that you want me.” And that was the first chorus from ‘Want’ off of ‘The Sickness’ and the band that was Brawl become Disturbed. Back then, I was still feeling out lyrical delivery that was rhythmic in nature that always had a very specific defined cadence to it, that was somewhat rapid fire or staccato in nature. It’s something I’ve been doing for years and it’s something that’s been a part of who I am. It’s become identified with Disturbed because that’s the band I am a part of. I’m the lead singer for that band so people are going to know that.

For the rest of the interview and to stream the entire album, READ HERE.


Source: http://loudwire.com/david-draiman-delves-deep-debut-device-disc-stream-album/

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