From the Eye of a Fish

fisheyeAfter shooting with toy cameras, researcher Greg Dash became hooked on the random results and reveal that came with developing film. However, he couldn’t share all his film photos digitally and on top of that, was unable to find a decent-priced fisheye lens for his SLR. He decided to make his own.

Dash’s camera body is about as thick as an iPhone 5, takes HD video and has a 170 degree fisheye lens. Photos are stored on a microSD card and the battery charges via USB. Check out the video, above, for more.

Aside from its size, the camera’s biggest feature is the surprise. There’s no screen to look back on your photos, so users get the experience of film.

With the mini camera, you won’t have to miss an opportunity by going to an app. You can also snap pictures in tight spaces to achieve extreme angles — Dash put the camera in between the gaps of a monkey cage to get up close.

You can buy the tiny camera for $84 with estimated shipping in June, provided the fundraising goal is met.




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