EDM DJ David Guetta BUSTED in Milli Vanilli Ashley Simpson Moment???


David Guetta:  “Hello, my name is David”

CROWD: “Hi David”

David Guetta:  “and I have an irrational fear of…DANCING”

Ruh roh!  There’s only one thing worse than being busted for “faking it”…

And that is being busted for “faking it” as an EDM DJ who accidentally presses PLAY on his self help audios instead of his PRE-recorded EDM mixes in front a thousands of live fans…in Paris!  That is, if this story is “true”.

That’s exactly what happened to EDM Star DJ David Guetta.  The self help audios he played by mistake reveal a secret that may be more damaging than his pre-recorded “live” mixes…

David Guetta has an irrational fear of dancing.  Yes.  You read that correctly.  David Guetta plays dance music for people, but he himself is petrified of dancing.  Now is he was an insurance salesman, we’d say NBD…but he is an EDM DJ!!!!

Next thing you know, we’ll find out Dead Mouse doesn’t like cheese.


From Coco.fm

At a recent show in Paris the pop star, David Guetta, was forced to flee the stage in embarrassment when at the start of his show he hit the play button on the wrong track.

Instead of hearing Guetta’s usual pop-house hits, fans were inadvertently treated to a personal self help CD that had been prescribed to Guetta for treatment of crippling chorophobia – the irrational fear of dancing.

Guetta took to Twitter to release the following statement: “To all my fans, I’m sorry that you had to find out that I have been pre-recording sets and not playing live.”

“Please understand that this is not due to lack of talent or laziness but because of this crippling phobia, for which I am seeking professional help, as was heard when I accidentally hit play on my coping CD.”

The EDM star claimed that the condition developed in childhood following a dancing accident at a school talent show which left the performer “acutely embarrassed” and a “confirmed bed wetter.”

The pop star went on to further say that ordinarily he doesn’t “even look at the crowd. I’ll just twiddle some knobs on the mixing desk thingy. When I do have to look up to the crowd I’ll close my eyes as if enjoying myself, or I’ll let my golden locks dangle in front of my eyes so I don’t see people dancing.”

“Ironically with no-one dancing it probably would have been one of my shows that I would have actually enjoyed.”

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