Music Radio is dead. There is only 1….Q101?

alternative chicagoAs newspapers disappear, and young hip people move to the internet to get their music, news, videos and entertainment…radio is fast becoming the “newspaper” of mainstream media.

Why fight it?  Well, we’re not going to fight it any more.

So Q101 is boldly going where YOU are going…

The INTERNET.  Except we’re already there right?  True.  But that’s not enough.

See, on the radio dial we could only broadcast ONE channel of Q101…but on the web, we can create as many Q101’s as YOU want.

That’s why we’re working hard in the sound deli, slicing and dicing, chopping and sauteing the freshest ingredients for our new Q101 recipes.

Coming soon (how soon?….REAL soon) LISTEN for Q101’s Retro 101 channel, Q101 Classic Alt, Q101 HARD, and MORE….

Celebrating EVERYthing Alternative with the independent buck-the-system attitude that IS “Alternative”…we are the One and ONLY Q101…not available on “radio”.  By design.

Have an idea for a Q101 Channel?  Put it in the comments below….you never know, we might launch it and name it after YOU.  Random comment below gets a free Q101 t-shirt.

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