30 Seconds to Mars take over Q101

30 Seconds to Mars’ Jared Leto and Tomo Milicevic joined Tim Virgin in the Q101 studio for this station take over. The lead singer and percussionist had control over the music for an hour and even pretended to be Tim whilst they introduced the show to Q101 listeners. One of the first songs on their playlist was Journeys Don’t Stop Believing. Fans gathered outside the studio to get a glimpse of Jared has he danced around to what he describes as the “legendary band”.

The reason why the guys chose this track was because they wanted to thank their fans who had been part of their journey for so long. 30 Seconds to Mars were formed in 1998 and since their debut album in 2002 the band have sold over 10 million albums. They first gained worldwide fame with their album A Beautiful Lie in 2005; receiving certifications from all over the world. Since then they have released This Is War in 2009, which reached the top ten of several national album charts and released their fourth album this year with Love, Lust, Faith and Dreams.

The band are incredibly thankful for the support they have received from their fans and showed this by collecting photographs of their fans from around the world during their tours, which they then printed on two thousand different albums. Jared explained that the band wanted to take their fans through their journey so every album has a different face on it, which are beginning to be known as “the faces of Mars”.

The rock band from Los Angeles are one of the first bands to do something which brings all of their fans into such a huge part of their final product. They didn’t stop at having an array of fans as the faces of their album covers either; the band hosted an event called The Summit, which was held in the Avalon Club, Los Angeles. They invited people along to provide backing vocals and percussion for their album This is War. Over one thousand people attended the event and sang alongside the band; a great example of this is during the song Kings and Queens; what sounds like a choir in the background is actually thousands of 30 Seconds to Mars fans from around the world.

The modest band explained to Q101 listeners that when they’re in the studio they never talk about the business side of their tracks and just “follow their creative muse”. They describe their studio sessions as “not writing songs to make a single” but instead just in their to record the best song they can.

30 Seconds to Mars have come a long way since brothers Jared and Shannon Leto formed the band and Jared reminisced with Tim about their years of performing in small pubs and biker bars. He described their first big gig as an amazing experience when they opened for Incubus at Spokane Raceway Park in 2002.

It was evident that Jared and Tomo appreciated the support they received from Chicago fans as Q101 listeners gathered outside the studio to take photos of the band. The station take over ended with Jared inviting all of the fans into the studio to sing Kings and Queens alongside him live on air. To see more station take overs, live performances and interviews from the top Chicago festivals, check out Q101’s YouTube channel.

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