Alternative on Q101, 101.1 & 87.7 in Chicago?

What’s going on with Alternative on Q101, 101.1 & 87.7 in Chicago?

We’re getting lots of messages on social media,, and via email pretty much saying the same thing.  Here are the answers to some of your burning questions…Watch the video here.

q101_alternative_1011_chicagoIf you want to know what’s going on with Q101, it’s ALWAYS at  If someone says something is happening with “Q101” but it’s not coming from “Q101” or “” it’s not happening with Q101.  The short answer is, at this moment in time Q101 is not and will not be returning to “radio” on any FM dial position.  Whatever is planned with 101.1 and 87.7 is completely up to the mega-broadcast-corporation called Cumulus which owns WLS-AM and WLS-FM and is purchasing 101.1 and WLUP.

The truth is, we have no idea if they will play alternative on 101.1 or 87.7 in Chicago.  If Alternative is the style and format of music on 101.1, it will not be Q101.  If you like Alternative music though, that shouldn’t matter a ton.

If you love Alternative on Q101, and all that Q101 is and always has been…there’s only one place currently to find all things Q101.  That place is

So if the “RedEye” writes something about Q101, but doesn’t source “q101” or someone from Q101, or….it’s not accurate.

These are the official Q101 facebook and twitter feeds:

In the meantime, support, celebrate and share what you love, and ignore what you don’t love.  If you support Everything Alternative and Q101, share like crazy!  The reality is, there is no going home.  Even if Q101 were on 101.1 or 87.7…it will never be 100% the Q101 you like the most, or remember the most.  On a single FM radio channel, it can never be that.  The best chance for every version of Q101 from 1992 to today, is online away from the control of corporate controlled media companies and in the hands of Local 101 people like you and me.

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