Awolnation: “Like water in a desert”

 Q101 listeners voted Awolnation as one of the three bands they were most excited to see at Jamboree. From 1995, Jamboree has been hosted by Q101 and is one of the top annual outdoor music festivals in Chicago. In 2011 Jamboree came to the First Midwest Bank Amphitheatre and saw artists such as Sum 41, Thirty Seconds to Mars and Adelitas Way all take the stage. To see the full line up, view photos or find out more about the festival, you can check out the official Facebook page.

Watch this video to see Tim Virgin backstage with the indie, electronic rock band from Los Angeles, Awolnation where they discuss Chevy Chase, The Three Amigos and illegal music. Aaron Bruno and Kenny Carkeet, or “yellow assassin” as Aaron describes him, explain how they see themselves as “water in a desert” compared to other bands that were performing at Jamboree. The band have been described as “dark electronic pop/rock” and their unique sound definitely shines through when performing next to heavy rock artists at Jamboree.

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Kenny admits that he needs to be educated in good films as his film knowledge is extremely minute, however his view on radio couldn’t be more accurate. In the band’s opinion, radio is the best thing that has every happened to Awolnation and when they first wrote their hit single “Sail”, the modest pair explained that they never expected it to be played on radio. When the song was released in January 2011, it spent twenty weeks in the chart and a year later re-entered reaching number seventeen in the United States Billboard Hot 100 chart. A song that the guys only expected to ever perform to their friends has hit the charts in thirteen countries over the last two years. “Sail” is featured on their latest album Megalithic Sympphony which was released in 2011. The band are currently working on a second studio album which will include the sings “ThisKidsNotAlright” and “Some Kind of Joke”. The band have announced that this album will come out “sometime in 2014” and does not have a name yet. To hear more of Awolnation’s tracks or find out about their future gigs you can visit their website. The prominence of this track is a great example of the power of radio and Q101 are proud to play Awolnation and have them perform at Jamboree. To see more interviews and performances from Jamboree or more Q101 events visit our YouTube channel.

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