Corey Taylor Talks Slipknot’s Future

Corey Taylor Talks Slipknot’s Future

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Despite the departure of drummer Joey Jordison recently, Slipknot’s Corey Taylor says the future of the band is solid and secure. At this point, Shawn ‘Clown’ Crahan is the lone original member.

Not much is known about Joey’s departure so Q101 will honor the band’s desires to not say much. However, with the recent Tweets, Taylor is talking plenty to those who think the band is done.

He recently tweeted

For those who think the Knot are falling apart, you are greatly and sadly mistaken. Bring on 2014. Great things are coming. Stay tuned

The band is in the process of recording their first album since the bassist Paul Gray passed back in 2010so we’re looking forward to hearing their new work later in 2014.

If you recall, Corey was at Q101’s studios back in 2009 playing Mr. DJ with his favorite songs, relive that moment below

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