Interview with Matt Dubiel from Q101

Interview with Matt Dubiel from Q101

This is a must listen for ANYONE and EVERYONE who wants to know:

What’s the deal with Q101?

The first guest on the 2014 broadcast to podcast of Dominion Live Radio with Brian Jasik is Matt Dubiel.

Matt currently runs and owns AM1530 WCKG The BlaZe in the Chicago suburbs, and owns the Q101 Chicago’s Alternative brand. Matt and I talk about Q101, its iconic history in the Chicago market, its future, the influence Q101 has had on music and listeners.

Matt also discusses the current confusion over the Q101 brand, being caused by the recent Merlin/Cumulus deal, that ha taken place here in Chicago.

Matt also shares and talks about his start in radio, the people in radio he was influenced by, and Matt also talks about the other station he owns and runs, a Chicago suburban station, AM1530 WCKG The BlaZe.

A full pack show, and an episode of the Brian Jasik Show not to be missed! Right here on Dominion Live Radio Chicago!

Steve Dahl recently made the claim that his Dahl Network has more PAID listeners than which carries Jonathon Brandmeier’s internet only radio show.

According to Dubiel, Q101 has more listeners online than Steve Dahl’s and Tribune’s combined, times 100.





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