Slipknot’s Corey Taylor takes over Q101… And plays Rick Astley?

This video has 497,544 views and its easy to see why. Q101 let Slipknot and Stone Sour’s Corey Taylor plug in his iPod and take over the microphone for an hour. Taylor is best known for his lead vocals in Slipknot; being ranked 86th in Hit Parade’s Top 100 Metal Vocalists of All Time. He claims to have first created a sense of Slipknot when he first saw the 1789 horror film Halloween, which introduced him to masks and horror themes. He replaced the original singer of Slipknot in 1997 and released four studio albums with the heavy metal band.

Corey Taylor has plenty to say, which is why he had no trouble chatting to Q101 listeners and exactly why millions know him as “The Great Big Mouth.” Taylor got a huge amount of support and amongst the dancing around, air drums and discussion about Sandra Bullocks “ruler-like” feet, he was happy to answer a few questions. He wittily describes himself as rum raisin flavoured ice cream to one listen because you’re most likely to throw up after eating it. He also gave a listener advice on how to “pick up chicks” with a song on the guitar; The Ramones is the best band to play to an indie girl, Iron Man if she’s a metal chick or if you just want to make what you’re playing look more difficult than it actually is, Smoke on the Water is always a success.

Before Taylor joined Slipknot in 1997 he was the founding member of the hard rock band Stone Sour with drummer Joel Ekman. He released five studio albums with the band and despite coming across the track I Can’t Believe on Q101’s system; he was reluctant to play it. Taylor recorded the track at the age of 21 and in his opinion, sounded like he had no nuts and been breathing helium for years.

On stage Taylor is loud, fast and out of control but in the studio we saw a totally different side to him as he danced around to Michael Jackson to what he describes as “one of the sweetest, sexiest songs ever”. Needless to say Corey confused Q101 listeners as they tuned into Chicago’s alternative station and heard the 1979 disco track Rock with You. From one cheesy song about ‘rocking’ to another, Taylor then pushed Q101’s buttons further by playing Justin Timberlake’s Let Me Rock You. As Alex Quigley just looked in despair with his hands on his head, Taylor’s response was simply “dig what you dig”. As he danced around the studio wearing a t-shirt that said “I’ll punch you in the teeth”; his rock persona couldn’t have been more distant. As if his iPod playlist couldn’t have got any worse, the Slipknot lead man played Rick Astley Never Gonna Give You Up live to Chicago and online Q101 listeners. It wasn’t a surprise to see that after this song choice, Q101’s boss had lost his patience and Taylor was kicked out of the studio. Whether people dig it or not, they will certainly remember this show.

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