Does NO really mean NO?

U2_RejectionLetterDoes NO really mean NO?

When it comes to relationships, and personal space the answer is YES. No means NO! Please do not take this story as some twisted means to rationalize infringing on another human being or group of human beings, in ANY way, shape, or form.

This story is about “no” when it comes to going after YOUR dreams. This story is about “no” as it applies to YOUR talent, skill, or craft. Creative types hear NO all the time. Sales people hear NO all the time. JK Rowling and even the band U2 have been told NO.

Take a look at this rejection letter U2 received. Imagine if it had stopped U2. Imagine if they thought NO meant No.

The answer is NOT to try and convert this particular NO into a YES…but rather to find the company, group, or person who WILL say yes. The idea is NOT to let ONE “no” be a representative “no”.

If “no” meant “no” for everyone (for instance) there would be NO “U2”. You would not know the joy of listening to “All I Want Is You”. You would not get pumped up when you hear “Even Better Than the Real Thing”. You would never be enlightened by “Sunday Bloody Sunday” or “Bullet In Blue Sky”.

Don’t take no for an answer! Go after your dreams!

For Those Who Get Discouraged When They Hear The Word ‘No’… Here’s A Rejection Letter U2 Got From A Record Label In 1979

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