Win A Q101 T-Shirt, Finish THIS Sentence…

Win A Q101 T-Shirt, Finish THIS Sentence…

“A REAL man….”

One random comment below, or under this video on YouTube, OR a video response on YouTube will win a Q101 T-Shirt and some Q101 Stickers for your ride.

Support Q101 right away and BUY a Q101 T-Shirt HERE.Β  If you win another shirt, we’ll let you pick a new design or another size. NO purchase necessary, but support is ALWAYS appreciated!

246 thoughts on “Win A Q101 T-Shirt, Finish THIS Sentence…

  1. A real man does his duty. Stands up for himself, his friends and more importantly his family. A real man wouldn’t find excuses to sway away or distance himself from those who love him. A real man know how to carry the weight of the world on his shoulders without breaking.

  2. has no problem correcting people about the REAL Q101 while stomping out badly replicated, over-processed, high fructose corn syrup imitations on the radio.

  3. is a father to loves, protects and takes care of his kids. Plus raises them listening to only the best alternative music Q101 πŸ™‚

  4. A real man would
    I need you to play “Top Notch” by Manchester Orchestra! I’ve been waiting for a month already.

  5. A real man… Will always let his girl change the radio. Especially since his stations suck, come on country! Stoked Q101 is back. Real music, for real people!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. a real man must be kind and friendly to others and not be mean or nasty to his friends or the people around him wherever he is walking out in the community in either the neighbor hood or the the suburbs like the city.

  7. A REAL MAN….Drinks Tall Boys Of PBR And Blasts Q101 ALL DAY/NIGHT LONG!!! Sooooo GLAD Q101 IS BACK!!!! Now We Get Our Concerts Back!?

  8. A real man…..
    Reaches for the remote and gives it to his partner
    Expects to be wrong in a discussion
    Affirms her even if he’s not sure why
    Listens or pretends to even if he doesn’t understand

  9. A real man… buys “girlie supplies” when his wife needs them! Thanks honey! I’ll repay you in a BIG way (wink, wink)!

  10. A real man isn’t afraid to date a roller derby chick!!! Come check out the ladies of Rockford Rage battle on March 29th at the Rockford Indoor Sports Center, starts at 7PM! πŸ™‚ #MarchMadness

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