Q101 Reality Show?

Q101 Reality Show?

There’s a film crew that wants to chronicle the fan-damonium that surrounds Q101 and the World’s BEST fans…

CHICAGO, that’s YOU!

Rather than clutter the screen up with a bunch of suits and radio nerds, we thought who better to tell the story of Chicago’s Q101 than YOU.

Grab your smartphone or webcam and put on a Q101 Shirt if you’ve got one (if you don’t you could WIN one btw).  Here’s what the producers would like to know:

  1. Open the video with your first name, and town please.
  2. Tell us your BEST Q101 STORY…were you listening to the radio on a wild adventure and Q101 was the soundtrack? or were you at Jamboree, Twisted, Block Party, Slimeball or one of the other THOUSANDS of Q101 shows?  Was it hearing a local band on Local 101 for the first time?  Calling in to win something?
  3. How did you fell when they yanked Q101 off the FM dial during July of 2011?  Do you know what happened and why?
  4. What do you wish everyone knew about Q101?
  5. What does Q101 mean to you?
  6. Who is your favorite Q101 artist?
  7. Q101 has been very different over the last 22 years during different eras…which Q101 is the version YOU think fits best?
  8. Close the video with:  My name is __________ from _____________….I’m (age)….and I AM Q101!

Then either upload the video to Facebook or YouTube, and then share the Video on your Facebook Wall and Twitter feed if you have one.  Be sure to use the hashtag #IAMQ101

By submitting this video you are giving Q101 exclusive broadcast, digital publishing, and re-purposing rights to use this material in this for promotional, commercial and entertainment productions.

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