Alex Clare-“Three Hearts” Album Review

For my first album review ever, I chose to review British singer-songwriter Alex Clare’s sophomore album, Three Hearts. This album just came out August 11th, which was perfect because I’d been looking for a newly released record. Many people know him from the song “Too Close” which became extremely popular in 2011. I personally only know that song from him, so I figured why not take a listen to his other music. After listening to this album, I am so glad I chose to review it because it is FANTASTIC. This guy has such an incredible voice and I hope that fans of his previous music enjoy this album as much, if not more! There are a total of 13 songs on this album, including a cover of Robert Palmer’s “Addicted to Love”. I’ll be briefly reviewing the songs as listed on the album, starting with “Never Let Go” and ending with the “Addicted to Love” cover.

Never Let Go is very catchy and I can definitely see it being used in romantic movies. It also has many interesting musical elements, including dub-step influences. There is also a decent amount of drumming that is heavily featured, which I personally like in songs. I think that this song really showcases his vocal range and will probably be a fan favorite off the album.

Three Hearts is the title track of the album, it’s pretty mellow and folksy compared to the others songs, which isn’t a bad thing. Clare’s lyrics are very good and this song highlights his abilities in the best way. People that are fans of folk music will LOVE this song. There’s also a really cool piano/organ breakdown in the middle that I really liked!

Take You Back is a song I could listen to FOREVER. This guy’s voice is fabulous and this song is my hands down favorite. It has such a great beat and the lyrics are once again, incredible.

Heavy Hands  is very interesting and random in composition. It is probably one of my least favorite songs off the album mainly due to the abrupt ending. It’s still a good sound worth listening to though!

Just a Man is a more serious song, that is very piano-heavy. I didn’t like how this one started out, but when it got to the second chorus it grew on me.

The Story sounds almost like it would be a Maroon 5 song, at certain parts. I think that people will really like this song because the lyrics are super heartfelt.

Not in Vain is another ballad that has a serious, somber tone. This is a song that makes you feel things and it’s great. I live for music that you can really feel in your bones, and this song is no exception. These lyrics are so inspiring and will make anyone feel better about whatever negativity is going on in their lives.

Sparks is another one of those haunting songs that I think people will relate to. It reminded me of an Adele song, which is a good thing!

War Rages On is probably my least favorite off this album because it is very repetitive, in my opinion. I also think that the other songs showcase his lyrical and vocal abilities WAY more.

Unconditional has a lot more guitar in it and it’s a nice addition to the album, which is full of lots of piano and drum driven songs.

So Deep is a ballad/slow song. This is a great song for those days when you just want to chill out and relax, it has such a laid back vibe!

Holding On is another song that vaguely reminds me of an Adele song, due to the heart-wrenching lyrics. The chorus of this song also reminds me of a Coldplay song, which people will probably be a fan of.

The last song on Three Hearts is a cover of “Addicted to Love”. Many, many artists have covered this song on their albums. Florence Welch of Florence + the Machine covered it, which is the most recent version I’ve heard besides this one. Clare’s version is pretty similar to Welch’s version, but I truly enjoy both covers! This album as a whole was definitely worth the time I took listening to it and would recommend it to anyone that enjoys music with a variety of sounds.

Stayed tuned for more album/show reviews next month!


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