Buckcherry, Pink Floyd & More – Q101 Music News For August 21st 2014

Buckcherry, Pink Floyd & More – Q101 Music News For August 21st 2014

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Buckcherry Release Icona Pop Cover ‘Say F#ck It’ Video

Guitarist Keith Nelson told Guitar World the idea originated with frontman Josh Todd. “That was Josh’s idea and was actually the first song we did,” Nelson explains. “Josh listens to a lot of pop radio and when he heard that song, he said, ‘Man, we could really put our own spin on that thing!’ He then put it to me to make it sound more like us. So I made it a bit more exciting for guitar players.”

Pink Floyd Documentary “Roger Waters: The Wall” Premieres Next Month

“Roger Waters: The Wall” will premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival on September 6th

“Ever since The Wall was released, it has become one of the classic rock albums of all time,” said TIFF Director and CEO Piers Handling. “Its popularity continues and its message is still timely. Deeply affected by his father’s and grandfather’s deaths in the two world wars, Roger Waters has crafted a plea to tear down the walls that lead to misunderstandings and wars.

This powerful performance film allows Roger to explore what The Wall still means to him as he performs it in front of tens of thousands of fans, and visits more personal places that resonate with meaning on the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of the First World War.”

Peter Frampton Throws Cell Phone Into The Rafters

Peter Frampton spoke with USA Today regarding his highly controversial “phone-throwing incident.” “I am so tech,” Frampton explains. “I love tech. I love social networking. I love Twitter and Facebook and this and that and the ones that you snap and they disappear. I love them all. I’ve always been very techy, but I think this is something that we have to deal with and I think the audience is ready to deal with it.”

“It” refers to fans using their cell phones to take pictures and video of concerts. “Deal with it” at a recent show in Carmel, Ind., meant grabbing an attendee’s phone and lofting it to the rafters.

“It was personal property,” Frampton says, “I shouldn’t have done it, all that rubbish, but the guy got his phone back, it wasn’t broken. He just didn’t get the photos back.”

Coheed And Cambria Are Reissuing “Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3”

Singer Claudio Sanchez told Billboard: “There’s been a desire for a re-release from our fans, so we thought, ‘Why not?’ With anything you do, there’s always a moment for reflection where you wish you could’ve done something differently.

“I’ve always loved the idea of rediscovering these records. I was so young when we made Silent Earth and I know so much more now and I think I’m a much better musician and writer. I think short of actually re-recording it, this is the next best thing.”

Philm Rejuvenated Dave Lombardo

In an interview with Journey Of A Frontman, Lombardo says: “It felt like a rejuvenation when I first got the band together in 2010. When you’re in a band for more than 20 years, it becomes a job.

“There’s hardly any communication with band members – you rehearse with the band a couple of days before the tour, then fly back and that’s it. You see them on stage but there’s really not much to it.”

The drummer, who recently said he felt the current Slayer lineup was “missing the magic” of the original outfit, continues: “With Philm, we’re friends. We hang out and have lunch together. It’s definitely different from what I’ve experienced before.”

Danko Jones Released Their Debut Live Album

In a statement, the group say: “With close to 20 years of touring experience and a reputation as one of the best live bands in the world, it would have been wrong not to at least try and capture the energy of a Danko Jones live show on tape.

“The relationship with Sweden has always been a special one and has resulted in countless shows, two gold singles and top 10 album chart positions, so for this show to be a pick for a live album seems only natural.”

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