Disclosure @ The Aragon 8.1.14

Hello music lovers!

I recently attended my first Lollapalooza Aftershow this past weekend and am so excited to finally be able to review this show. Disclosure is a fairly new act, an English duo consisting of brothers Guy and Howard Lawrence. They are complete geniuses! You have to see one of their shows to understand what I mean, the lighting and effects were absolutely incredible. They’re both also very young, Guy is 23 and Howard is only 20. It’s so interesting that a lot of these DJs come from the UK and they’re all so young, it really blows my mind!  Anyways, this show was at one of my favorite venues ever aka the Aragon Ballroom! I hadn’t been to a show at this place in a few years, so it was nice to be back. Since this show was an after show, it didn’t start until 10 and there were two other opening acts before Disclosure. The first opener was better than the second, in my opinion. The first was a super cool, soulful electronic group called Wrestlers. I really enjoyed their set and everyone was dancing! The second opener was a solo DJ named Julio Bashmore. His music wasn’t as dance friendly as Wrestlers and a lot of his songs sounded the same to me.

By the time his set ended, it was almost time for Disclosure and I was getting pretty excited! They ended up going on around midnight and the place was completely PACKED. I’m glad I moved to the upper level because everyone was so close together on the floor, it was insane. I’ll admit, I was only familiar with one or two of Disclosure’s songs, but the others were equally as good that I was not familiar with! They gained popularity from their massive hit “Latch” featuring Sam Smith that was released earlier this year, which is one of the main songs people associate them with. They played songs from their debut, album, Settle, and everyone seemed to recognize “Latch” when they played it.

I love music you can dance to and these two insanely talented brothers did not disappoint! I am SO glad that I was able to see them at one of my favorite places and will definitely be seeing them again. They have played in Chicago many times previously, but I either was in school or hadn’t discovered them yet. They played a show at the Mid last Thursday and I heard great things about that show as well! If you want to learn more about Disclosure or hear some of their incredible tunes, check out http://disclosureofficial.com/ or https://soundcloud.com/disclosuremusic. They also were on Jimmy Fallon recently and performed Latch with Sam Smith, so that’s another cool performance that is worth checking out. I look forward to attending another Disclosure show and hope that they gain some new fans after this post! My next show that I have planned is Sam Smith at the Riv on September 22nd, so keep your eyes out for that post as well as a new album review in the coming weeks! 🙂




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