Kid Rock, Deep Purple & More – Q101 Music News For August 7th 2014

Kid Rock, Deep Purple & More – Q101 Music News For August 7th 2014

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ICP Drags Kid Rock Into Lawsuit

Kid Rock published the letters that he sent to the attorney’s.
The following is what Kid Rock had to say about the subject: “Dear Jim Rasor and Jon Marko, I’m told that you have issued a subpoena for a ‘glass dildo’ that was supposedly given to me. No idea what you’re talking about, and I definitely don’t have it. I’ve never heard of, seen, or met any people involved in this case. But I’m pretty sure you already know that. What I do know is that you’ve been dragging my name around in the media to gain attention for your sad a** excuse for a law firm. I don’t care what you do when you finally catch up to the ambulances you chase, but I do care when you bring my name into it for no reason at all.” You can read the full letter at Kid Rock’s own web page.

Was Deep Purple Snubbed By The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Deep Purple singer Ian Gillan talks about the band getting snubbed by the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame. When asked if he was upset that the group hadn’t been chosen by Rock Hall voters to date – despite nominations in 2013 and 2014 – Ian Gillan stated “Whatever you say to a question like that, you sound supercilious or dismissive or disgruntled or sour grapes. I spent all my younger life trying to avoid institutionalization as much as I could and then I realized that these sorts of things are for your family and fans. So I don’t mind what happens. We’re grateful for anything that comes along our way.”

Gillan says he senses confusion about the inner-workings of the induction process in regards to the band’s status. “I’ve heard quotes of somebody on the [Rock Hall voting] committee saying, ‘Well, Deep Purple can’t be in it, because they were a one-hit wonder’,” explains the singer. “I don’t know if they were referring to ‘Hush’ or ‘Smoke On The Water’ or ‘Child In Time’ or ‘Highway Star’ or ‘Perfect Strangers,’ any of those one hit wonders that we were.

“I think it would be undignified for us to enter the fray and stamp our feet and say, ‘Yeah, we don’t need it anyway.’ It’s really an American thing. We don’t really understand it, but if I treat it with respect, we’ll see what happens. That’s all I can say.”

Stevie Nicks Releases New Single

Stevie Nicks’ new single, “The Dealer”, from her soon to be released, solo album, “24 Karat Gold – Songs From the Vault.” is here. Stevie Nicks talks about the album below:
“I used to make cassettes of my songs and hand them out,” Stevie explains. “But to know that these songs have finally been recorded with the same love they were originally created is joyous for me. I picked 12 songs from about 40 demos made from ’69 – ’87 and one each from 94 and 95. These songs are all about love and heartbreak — how to pick up the pieces — how to keep moving… I’m really chronicling love from the very beginning.”

“When you write a song and it doesn’t go on a record, it floats around in your life for years,” she added. “I took myself back to the time when these songs were written… Sometimes I can’t remember what happened yesterday but I remember so well what happened through the whole period of time that I wrote these songs. You think about them and go over them and they live inside of you until they becomes part of your world. These songs are now 24 Karat Gold.”

Paramore Canceled Shows Due To Illness

Hayley Williams is suffering from illness and exhaustion so Paramore had to cancel two shows this week. Their Monday and Tuesday night concerts in Corpus Christi and Dallas featurings Fall Out Boy. In a letter posted to Paramore’s website, Hayley Williams wrote, “Writing from my bunk to let you know that my doctor and my vocal coach have told me I can’t play tonight either. I have a chest infection and … Something called “exhaustion”. Ha. Words in this tiny little message cannot begin to express my frustration, sadness, and overall loopiness (the latter is likely just from the cortisone and antibiotics…ugh.)” Paramore’s next gig is tomorrow night (8/7) in Albuquerque.

Foo Fighters Tease About Upcoming News

Foo Fighters tweeted yesterday to “keep an eye out for big news coming Monday!” There have also been multiple tweets teasing “1 of 8,” could it be the first song will be released on the 11th? We will have to wait to find out. The Foo Fighters new record is expected out in November.

Dave Mustaine Of Megadeth Talks About Regrets

In an interview with Met Al Metal, Dave Mustaine of Megadeth was asked if he had any regrets about certain aspects of his career. Here is what he said: “Oh, sure. I would love to have said goodbye to [original drummer] Gar Samuelson before he passed away,” Mustaine revealed. “There’s a couple of things I wouldn’t have done myself, like ODing and I probably wouldn’t have punched James [Hetfield] in the mouth. There’s a lot of stuff. You look back in hindsight and you think, ‘God, I probably should have done that differently.’”

Lacuna Coil Tour Dates

Tour Dates for Lacuna Coil
9/14/14 – Sacramento, Calif. – Aftershock Festival (Discovery Park)
9/16/14 – Portland, Ore. – Wonder Ballroom
9/17/14 – Boise, Idaho – Knitting Factory
9/19/14 – Spokane, Wash. – Knitting Factory
9/20/14 – Seattle, Wash. – El Corazon
9/21/14 – Vancouver, British Columbia – Venue
9/23/14 – Edmonton, Alberta – The Starlite Room
9/24/14 – Calgary, Alberta – Republik
9/25/14 – Regina, Saskatchewan – The Exchange
9/26/14 – Winnipeg, Manitoba – West End Culture Center
9/27/14 – Thunder Bay, Ontario – Crocks
9/29/14 – Toronto, Ontario – The Opera House
9/30/14 – London, Ontario – London Music Hall
10/1/14 – Ottawa, Ontario – Mavericks
10/3/14 – Quebec City, Quebec – Le Cercle
10/4/14 – Montreal, Quebec – Corona Theatre
10/5/14 – Portland, Maine – The Asylum
10/7/14 – Lancaster, Pa. – Chameleon
10/8/14 – Silver Springs, Md. – The Fillmore Silver Spring
10/10/14 – Hartford, Ct. – Webster Theater
10/11/14 – Clifton Park, N.Y. – Upstate Concert Hall
10/12/14 – New York, N.Y. – Gramercy Theatre

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