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We have chosen 4 people to help us out with the local music scene around the Chicagoland area. Here is a little something from your official Local 101 Bloggas!


“What am I doing here? Sharing music with you. Local music. Maybe some not-so-local music. My dad was a drummer, I’m fairly certain I’ve gained my love of music from him. Between working as a publicist, band manager, reluctant booking agent, merch manager, fan, friend, show attendee – there’s rarely a day where I’m not doing something heavily involving music. I’m a music lover, music writer, music pusher. I share music with everyone I can, and (thankfully) haven’t heard any complaints. Musis is a driving force, it’s the glue between all meaningful relationships in my life, and most people I know as well. It can express the things we’re just too scared to say in normal words, it has the power to invoke emotions you weren’t even aware existed within your being. Music is love, music is peace, music is what the world needs more of, especially with all the negative that goes on daily around us. Pick up those headphones, find *that* song, and let go.”


“Hello Local 101 fans!  My name is Ava and I’m very excited to have the opportunity to share my music experiences with you all! I’m from Palatine, Illinois and  I was a DJ at my school’s radio station, which was an experience I wouldn’t trade for anything in the world! I have also been writing my own music blog for a few years now and have seen many shows in my 22 years of life. Many of these shows have been sponsored by Q101, so it’s really cool that I am now blogging for one of my favorite organizations! Ever since I hit middle school, I’ve been obsessed with music in all of its forms. My first real concert was Green Day in eighth grade, but to give him credit; Aaron Carter was my first concert ever. (Hey, I was the envy of all the third grade girls!) I would say that my musical taste it pretty eclectic, but I mainly lean towards music that is alternative or bluesy in nature. Although many of the artists I listen to may not be originally from here, there are a few that are local.  It makes the experience so much cooler when the band is from your area and knowing that you are supporting them. I’ll be attending some exciting shows in the coming weeks, including Disclosure tonight at the Aragon. This will be my first Lolla after show ever, so I’ll have a new blog post very soon that I’m sure will be pretty entertaining! Stay tuned!”


“I was born and raised in the fine city of Chicago, IL and currently reside in West Side of the city. As nearly all Chicagoans know, the weather is brutal during the winter (yes…I’m looking at you Polar Vortex), but there is some solace in the fact that it can be a paradise during summer. However, despite the fierce weather, there is always a music venue available in the city of Chicago to see remarkable live music. And as far as the summer is concerned, all you need to do is turn a corner and you’ll inevitably run into some type of outdoor festival in the city. Needless to say, I love Chicago. On any given day, I could be listening to Radiohead in my car or some obscure 1930’s blues artist (which can be tricky blasting out of my speakers, at times). But let’s just say…I don’t discriminate when it comes to good music. The Chicago music scene never rests, and it’s that type of energy that permeates from bands who play all the distinct venues in the city. Local bands that are there to play earnestly create a level of fun that is absent from massive stadium shows. Not only is there a level of intimacy associated from these local shows, but there is a discernible sense of simplicity that is often forgotten. Sometimes, in the end, it’s all about the music. With that being said, I look forward to the many sleepless nights still to come!”


“My relationship with music is summed up pretty nicely in this old philosopher quote, “Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything” – Plato. With growing up in the late 80’s into 90’s as a teen, alternative rock was just developing. Because Q101 existed in Chicago, I was constantly listening at home or in my car’s stereo to Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Jane’s Addiction, Bush and Garbage. A lot has changed since then! I lived in the Chicago burbs from middle school on until moving into the city six years ago. I love that Chicago’s mix of musical acts is diverse and always changing. And the amount of venues are always expanding. I try to keep an open mind on all genres, but I think it’s safe to say that the phrase “I listen to everything, but country” still rings true for me. Mainly, anything rock, electronic, alt-rock, industrial, folk, blues, classic rock and indie rock. I’m extremely excited to cover the local scene for Q101 – I’ll want to cover diverse acts and bands along the way.”


Needless to say, we are excited about what these fine folks have to offer! Stay tuned to hear more from each one of your Local 101 Bloggas!


-Q101 Staff

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