You Me At Six, Chiodos & More – Q101 Music News For August 25th 2014

You Me At Six, Chiodos & More – Q101 Music News For August 25th 2014

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“You Me At Six” Make Counter Offer To The NFL

Apparently you have to pay to play the Super Bowl halftime show. When the NFL asked “You Me At Six” if they wanted this great honor, they responded with this counter offer:

“Dear NFL: We’re sorry to hear that you’re in such dire financial straits. While Coldplay and Rihanna mull your offer, we’re here to help with a multi-tiered proposal:

“1. For $2 Million: We get to play the upcoming halftime show. 2. For $10 Million, one of us gets to quarterback a set of downs for the team of our choosing. 3. For $40 Million, the Super Bowl will be played with English football rules, where you must use your feet, and an actual ball.

“We look forward to hearing your thoughts once you’ve had a chance to review. We welcome any of the Super Bowl committee to attend one of our upcoming American concerts. Our tour kicks off September 15th at the Troubadour in Los Angeles, CA.”

Protest Compilation For “Right to Heal Campaign” Coming Soon

A compilation of protest songs titled, ‘This Concerns Everyone,’ is being released by on Nov. 18.

‘This Concerns Everybody’ Track Listing:
Side A:
1. Chris Farren (Fake Problems) – ‘Establishment Blues’ (Rodriguez)
2. Erica Freas (RVIVR) – ‘Tiny Murders’
3. Chris Conley (Saves The Day) – ‘A Change Is Gonna Come’ (Sam Cooke)
4. Chris #2 (Anti-Flag) – ‘What Did You Learn in School Today (Pete Seeger)
5. PJ Bond – ‘Dirty Hands’
6. Anika Pyle (Chumped) – ‘Ugly’
7. Tom Morello (The Nightwatchman) – ‘House Gone Up in Flames’
8. The Homeless Gospel Choir – ‘Some People’
9. Chris Stowe – ‘Other Peoples Guns’
Side B:
10. Chris Wollard (Hot Water Music) – ‘Selected Scenes’
11. Roger Harvey – ‘What Are You Fighting For’ (Phil Ochs)
12. Shawna Potter and Brooks Harlan (War On Women) – ‘Servilia’
13. Tim Mcllrath (Rise Against) – ‘Civil War (Guns N’ Roses)
14. Justin Sane (Anti-Flag) – ‘I Ain’t Got No Home’ (Woody Guthrie)
15. Thomas From The Burning Land (Strike Anywhere) – ‘The Deep State’ (Field Recording)
16. Ryan Harvey – ‘Hope Dies Last’
Digital Bonus Tracks:
1. Prophet Motive – ‘Hallowawa’
2. Josh Massie – ‘Life During Wartime’ (Pinhead Gunpowder)
3. Spoonboy – ‘Last of the A–holes’ (The Max Levine Ensemble)
4. Pat Thetic – ‘Owe Us a Living’ (CRASS)

Chris #2 had this to say, “We wanted to make it interesting and only allow one track. One take. One voice. One instrument. This idea immediately seemed bigger. I got on the phone with some friends to see if we could build this into an actual comp. ‘This Concerns Everyone’ is that idea coming to fruition. You don’t need a band or a studio or record label or anything but yourself and a song. We hope that through listening to this comp people can feel the same way that we do. Our songs, art, poetry, whatever your medium, lasts longer than you do. That’s a powerful idea that something you’ve created can touch someone long after you’re gone.”

Chiodos Have Medical Emergency

Chiodos released an official statement via Razor & Tie which said: “Chiodos will be leaving the Crowd Surf America Tour for the remaining dates from Rochester, New York through Columbia Missouri.

Here is a statement from the band: “We are sorry to our fans as well as the bands on the tour Bless the Fall, I Killed the Prom Queen and Capture the Crown. Our guitarist Thomas Erak has had a reoccurring medical emergency that needs immediate attention and we want to support him in his recovery.

We plan to make up these dates this year. We appreciate our fans continued support and look forward to seeing everyone on the upcoming Parks and Devastation tour with A Day To Remember, Bring Me The Horizon, and Motionless in White.”

Scott Weiland’s Meth Arrest Was Actually An Impersonator

The Beverly Hills Police Department released a statement admitting to the mistake:
On Saturday, July 26, 2014, at approximately 9:34 a.m., the Beverly Hills Police Department received a call of a shoplift that had just occurred at the Rite Aid in the 400 Block of N. Bedford Drive. Police units ultimately arrested a suspect for that crime. Upon arrest, the suspect identified himself as former Stone Temple Pilots band member Scott Weiland. The suspect was taken into custody for Burglary (459 P.C.) and Possession of a Controlled Substance (11377 H & S Code).

On Thursday, August 21, 2014, Beverly Hills Police discovered through an FBI Fingerprint Return that the subject arrested was not Scott Weiland. The fingerprint return positively identified the individual as Jason Michael Hurley (44 years of age). Beverly Hills Police will be requesting an additional criminal filing on Hurley for 148.9 (a) P.C. – Furnishing False Information to a Peace Officer. Records will be updated to properly reflect this information.

The Faceless Crash Into A Moose

The Faceless elaborated on their crash in a new Facebook post:

To elaborate on the events of last night, in a freak accident, we ended up totaling our vehicle on a stretch of Canadian highway. A pack of moose were covering all lanes of the highway and it was completely unavoidable. Some how we all managed to walk away totally unharmed, though a bit shaken up.

Through the help of our tour mates in Fallujah, Black Crown Initiate and Archspire, we managed to get to a tow yard and onward to a rental facility to get a vehicle and get back on the road. We WILL be playing the remaining tour dates on our current headline tour.

Thank you for all the support in the past few hours and we hope to see you at the upcoming shows.

Foo Fighters Sonic Highways HBO Original Series

The HBO Original Series, Foo Fighters Sonic Highways premieres Friday, October 17 at 11PM, only on HBO.

HBO Describes the new series: “In this new series, Foo Fighters commemorate their 20th anniversary by documenting the eight-city recording odyssey that produced their latest, and eighth, studio album.

Foo Fighters founder Dave Grohl directs the series, which taps into the musical heritage and cultural fabric of eight cities: Chicago, Austin, Nashville, Los Angeles, Seattle, New Orleans, Washington D.C. and New York. The band based themselves at a legendary recording studio integral to the unique history and character of each location.

One song was recorded in each city, and every track features local legends. Even the lyrics were developed in an experimental, unprecedented way: Grohl held off on writing them until the last day of each session, letting himself be inspired by the experiences, interviews and personalities that became part of the process.

Foo Fighters Sonic Highways is, in Grohl’s words, “a love letter to the history of American music.” Each episode delves into the identity of each city — showing how each region shaped these musicians in their formative years and, in turn, how they impacted the cultural fabric of their hometowns. Every artist who appears in the show, regardless of genre or locale, started as an average kid with universal dreams of making music and making it big.

Grohl made his feature film directorial debut in 2013 with the universally acclaimed Grammy-winning Sound City, a celebration of the human element in the creation and recording of music. Foo Fighters have won 11 Grammy Awards, including four for Best Rock Album, more than any other band.

Premiering on the eve of Foo Fighters’ 20th anniversary, Foo Fighters Sonic Highways aims to “give back” to the next generation of young musicians. As guitarist and singer Buddy Guy, an interviewee from the Chicago blues scene, explains, “Everything comes from what’s come before.”

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