Weezer, Korn & More – Q101 Music News For August 22nd 2014

Weezer, Korn & More – Q101 Music News For August 22nd 2014

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Weezer Delay Release Of “Everything Will Be Alright in the End”

Weezer had to delay the release date on their upcoming album, “Everything Will Be Alright in the End”, by one week. It was due to be released on September 30.

Weezer wrote on their Tumblr: “We have to release EWBAITE one week later than planned, on Oct 7. This is a bummer and we really hate to make our fans wait longer. We worked very hard to finish the album on time for you, so we’re really sorry about this and hope you understand.”

Jonathan Davis Of Korn Explains “Hater”

“Almost everyone has felt bullied, pressured and beat down in their life by their haters. This video helps give a public voice to some of the challenges real people have faced and reminds us all that self-harm and suicide are not the answer.

While the clip features some wincingly honest and painful moments early on, but toward the end one of the women who submitted footage showed the empowerment she felt by thanking the bullies for making her the “badass chick” that she is. The video concludes with this statement from Korn: “Self harm or suicide is never the answer. Don’t let the haters win.”

Motley Crue Take the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Motley Crue also donated $10,000 from the show’s ticket sales to ALS and asked each of the bands they challenged to do the same. They passed the challenge on to KISS, Def Leppard and Aerosmith.

Audience Member Throws Beer At Courtney Love

Courtney Love reads the riot act to an audience member that threw a beer at the stage. Watch the video of the incident below.

“In 20 years, no one’s thrown a beer can at me except for you f—er,” said Love, before clenching her fist and exclaiming, “Your weenie must be this f—ing big.” In the video shot by the Daily Mail, there are bleeps to clean up some of the content flowing from Love’s mouth, but the point is definitely taken.

The rest of you are excused, You wanna go back? You wanna f—ing f-ck me up? Throw a beer can at my Micko [Larkin]. I will f—ing kill you. Throw it at me next time. We’ll have fun.”

Gwar Ask ‘Where is Oderus Urungus?”

Guitarist BalSac The Jaws of Death says: “Dark clouds of war and ill omen have gathered around Gwar. In our hour of greatest peril, Oderus has left us and our enemies stand poised, ready to strike while they sense weakness. But we shall no longer cower in our Antarctic stronghold, awaiting destiny’s final blow.

“This Fall, Gwar sets out on the most trying quest of our career. We shall scour our leader’s favourite stomping ground, North America, leaving no city unsearched, no venue unraised, and no sheep unmolested.

“Gwar will venture to the depths of Hell or to the very end of time itself, and though I fear what we may encounter out there, I know that we can never return home until we have the answer we seek, ‘Where is Oderus Urungus?'”

Adrenaline Mob Announce John Moyer’s Replacement

Adrenaline Mob were “totally shocked” when John Moyer posted on Twitter that he was leaving, but it didn’t take long for them to announce his replacement.

“We’d like to welcome Erik Leonhardt, formerly of Tantric, to the Adrenaline Mob family. We hope to see you all out on tour in September.”

Lillian Axe Replace Bassist Eric Morris

Chris Brown replaces Eric Morris as bassist for Lillian Axe. The band had this to say about the switch:

Morris says: “I had such a great time and will always cherish the experiences, from touring with Alice Cooper to actually getting on that plane to Europe and everything in between.

“This was a very difficult decision for me. I’ve recently had some life-changing events that have made me rethink some of my personal priorities. I have to get my own house in order, and I felt it wouldn’t be fair to limit the growth of Lillian Axe due to my restricted availability.”

Guitarist Steve Blaze says: “Eric is my brother first and a bandmate second. He’s been with me for many years and is one of the sweetest souls I have ever met. His journey in life is taking a different turn.

“He will still be involved behind the scenes with the organisation, and I’m sure he will have a lot of input as we move forward. Eric will be present at the Tippitina’s show Saturday night and will play a few songs with us, as we welcome Chris Brown to the family. Chris has been a longtime fan and is an amazing talent in his own right.”

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