Aeges, Enchant & More – Q101 Music News For Sept. 22nd 2014

Aeges, Enchant & More – Q101 Music News For Sept. 22nd 2014

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Aeges Are Clearly Focused

Kemble Walters told Alternative Press: “Above & Down Below definitely means a lot to the band. Although it’s our second full-length, it’s the first with the addition of drummer Mike Land and guitarist Cory Clark.

“With the addition of these two members, the band have been able to expand and more clearly focus on what Aeges truly is. There’s bigger hooks, thicker riffs, and pulsating rhythms.”

Enchant Are Back After 10 Years Of Silence

Ott says: “We never planned to take a break at all. People got married, people got divorced, people had children, jobs came and went. It was always in the back of our mind that we’d continue.

“We got together and played a few shows here and there. But it wasn’t until two years ago that we started thinking we could actually make another record – something worth the stuff we’d done in the past.”

Sylosis Say Goodbye To Drummer Rob Callard

Sylosis say in a statement: “Today we are sadly saying goodbye to longtime drummer Rob. We’re happy to say on good terms – we’ve been friends for many years and remain friends outside the band’s activities. We’re in the lucky position that Ali has joined us in Rob’s place. We’re excited for the future with him.”

Richardson says: “I filled in for Rob when Sylosis toured together with Bleed From Within and DevilDriver. I had a total blast playing the songs in a live environment – so it was a no-brainer when they asked me to join full time.

Gregg Allman Receiving Living Legend Award

Allman says, “I am so very honoured to be receiving this award from Classic Rock. The magazine is one of my favourites and they are always so generous to me and the Brothers.”

“Where can you start with Gregg Allman?”, says Classic Rock editor Siân Llewellyn. “The rock’n’roll world would be a very different (and far lesser) place without him. As a founding member and guiding light of the Allman Brothers Band and a hugely influential solo artist, Gregg has touched the lives of rock fans all over the globe for over four decades. I’m thrilled that we can call him Classic Rock Magazine’s Living Legend 2014.”

Symphony X’s Album Is Like The Odyssey Meets Paradise Lost

LePond tells Talking Metal: “This album is not going to be as heavy as Iconoclast. If I had to compare this one, I would say it’s The Odyssey meets Paradise Lost.

“It has a lot of classic Symphony X elements in it, and I think our old fans are really going to appreciate this one. It’s very, very musical – it concentrates on solid songs and great melodies.”

L.A. Riots Inspired Fear Factory

Burton C Bell told The Indian Express: “We experienced the LA riots first-hand. I remember the National Guard patrolling the roads of LA, setting up posts across the street.

“This wasn’t science fiction – this was pure struggle. But these are the experiences that create science fiction, because we were struggling, we were fighting the establishment, the machine.”

Five Finger Death Punch’s Jeremy Spencer Talks About Addiction

He tells Hard Drive Radio: “You have to live your own life and choose your own path. I’m not one to say, ‘You need to stop and get it in order.’ You’re going to have to make that choice for yourself.

“But you can always talk to someone. And I know until you’re ready to stop, you’re not going to. They say you have to hit the wall in order to wake up and then decide to make the change.

“For me, I hit the wall, and fortunately it wasn’t hard enough to where it killed me, and I hope that’s the case for you out there too. But there is help available.”

U2 Was Trying To Annoy People With Free Album

In an interview this morning with CBS Radio’s KROQ, “The punk rock thing to do is annoy people and get in their faces,” he said. “If people have a problem with the way we released the album, I’m sure they’ve read about it online.”

He also explained the band’s Songs of Innocence tribute to Joey Ramone, “The Miracle (of Joey Ramone).” Apparently, when Bono was just starting out, he had the realization that his singing voice wasn’t very masculine – an asset that ended up helping him front U2 – and Joey Ramone’s music made him feel like it was okay.

“”I realized that I sang as a girl and I was a bit depressed about it as a young Irish male,” he recalled. “And then I realized Joey Ramone sings like a girl. He was inspired by all those great sirens as well as everything else. He has a beautiful melodic voice. And if I could be so lucky, I might try to have one of those.”

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