Korn, The Chimpz & More – Q101 Music News For Sept. 9th 2014

Korn, The Chimpz & More – Q101 Music News For September 9th 2014

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Korn Get A Bit Dirtier

In an interview with Pop-Break, Munky said the band wants to “keep the melodic elements of what we captured on the last record but really expand on the heavy riffs and get a bit dirtier. Maybe a little longer songs with longer intros, and a little more math rock, not prog-rocky but maybe some slower tempoed grooves that are 7/8 or 3/4 timing and stuff like that.”

“It’s about taking chances and going out on a limb. You hear a lot of bands say how every album is a chance to reinvent yourself. For us, I really feel like we’ve gone out on a f—ing plank because sometimes there’s no turning back. You have to commit to it and sometimes it’s like ‘Eh, I don’t know,’ and you kind of let go and see what happens.”

Drummer Ray Luzier, adds: “Some of my favorite bands like Iron Maiden or AC/DC, you kind of know what they’re new records are going to sound like. And that’s great because the fans expect it, and it’s a formula that works so don’t touch it. It’s cool when Jon brings these different ideas over and we’re like ‘Whoa’ and we step back for a second. Once we embrace it, we’ll get our heads around it and it’s a pretty fierce thing.”

The Chimpz On Final Season Of Sons of Anarchy

In an interview with Loudwire, The Chimpz had this to say about being included in the final season of Sons of Anarchy with the new song ‘Right to Left

“To have the association with ‘Sons of Anarchy’ has done amazing things. It has brought new fans to The Chimpznation weekly including those who have purchased the previous records. Even on tour it helps get the word out about the band since so many people watch the show. Being included in the final season is such a great honor. We want to thank them for the opportunity and the love! The Chimpz will go down in history right along with the show! Those songs are immortalized.

Days Of The New Announce Their Breakup Onstage

As reported by Alternative Nation, at Days of the New’s Sept. 6 show, Jesse Vest grabbed the mic from Travis Meeks after about six songs. In response to Meeks’ questionable state, Vest announced the band’s dissolution before leaving the stage with Whitener and Taul, according to fan comments on the band’s Facebook page. Meeks, who has struggled with drug addiction in his life, reportedly remained onstage before wandering around in the audience, speaking incoherently and even yelling at the merch stand worker.

“We apologize to everyone who came to see us in St. Louis tonight,” reads a statement on the band’s official Facebook page. “We tried to make this happen, but as anyone who was at the show tonight knows, it was a very difficult situation.”

“There are many things to address here, and we don’t want to keep feeding the negativity. We do want to let it be clear that Travis was in no way pressured into this reunion. In fact, it was very much the other way around. Travis literally begged us to do this tour, on the phone, in text, and in person. He had burned so many bridges in his career that no one would hire him to play a show anymore for fear that he would not show up. He knew the original lineup would lend credibility to the project and help him rebuild his career. Unfortunately, he was not able to handle the responsibility or manage his issues.”

“While it seems like the reunion is over, Days of the New left the door open with another post, stating, “We understand that everyone is concerned and anxious to hear details about what happened, what’s happening, and what happens next. Rest assured, we will be making a definitive statement about the future of the band very soon, but for now we are trying to clear our heads and recover from a very stressful weekend. All four of us appreciate your patience and support.”

Butcher Babies Relese Cover ‘They’re Coming to Take Me Away’

Carla Harvey recently stated in the press release: “It was a blast recording songs that we have been fans of our entire lives and putting our spin on them. We all chose a song that had some significance to us. My pick was ‘They’re Coming to Take Me Away’ by Napoleon XIV because I have a vivid memory of my stepdad, who I considered completely insane, playing it over and over again on his car stereo when I was a pre-teen. The song is about being taken away to a mental institution. I can still see him tapping his fingers on his steering wheel to the beat…”

Ian Gillan Of Deep Purple Plays With 3023 Guitarist

Guitars on the beach Lyme Regis September 6th 2014 Smoke No The Water performed by Ian Gillan and 3023 guitarist, making a new UK record.

Organizer Geoff Baker said. “It was mind-blowing, it exceeded all of our expectations. So many people turned up and there wasn’t a spot on the beach. All of us, and the town, were astonished and everyone was great. Eight boatmen got together and went into the Bay and let off smoke flares, so you have got Ian Gillan and this huge crowd all playing and singing and seeing that. I hope it will become an institution in Lyme.”

Nickelback Release Edge Of A Revolution Video

“We are very excited to be releasing new music for our fans and feel it’s some of our strongest material to date,” says frontman Chad Kroeger. “During the recording process as we looked toward the next chapter, it became clear that… the entire Republic/Universal team had a shared vision and passion for this project. Their track record of artist development speaks volumes to their success and we are honored to be partners with them.”

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