Survivor, Jethro Tull & More – Q101 Music News For September 3rd 2014

Survivor, Jethro Tull & More – Q101 Music News For September 3rd 2014

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Jimi Jamison Of Survivor Dead at 63

Survivor posted the following message on their Facebook page: “The entire Survivor family is very shocked and saddened by the passing of our brother Jimi Jamison. Our thoughts, love and prayers go out to his family and friends.”

Peterik, cofounder of Survivor, said in a statement on Monday, “I’m in shock. I’ve lost a dear friend and the world has lost a great talent – singer Jimi Jamison.”

Peterik’s camp gave these details about Jimi’s achievements with Survivor, “Jimi Jamison joined Survivor in 1984 and recorded a number of the band’s best-known songs including, ‘I Can’t Hold Back’ as well such Billboard Top 10 hits as, ‘High On You,’ ‘The Search is Over,’ and ‘Is this Love’ among others.”

Glenn Cornick, Founding Member Of Jethro Tull, Dead At 67

Jethro Tull’s Facebook posts reads as follows:

It is with great sadness that we learned today of the passing of Glenn Cornick, bass player with Jethro Tull from the band’s inception 1968 until 1970. Of course, he had also played with the John Evan Band for the year during 1967 and so his contribution to the geographical transition from Blackpool to London and into the professional music scene was considerable.

Glenn was a man of great bonhomie and ready to befriend anyone – especially fellow musicians. Always cheerful, he brought to the early stage performances of Tull a lively bravado both as a personality and a musician.

His background in the beat groups of the North of England and his broad knowledge of music were always helpful in establishing the arrangements of the early Tull.

During the many years since then, Glenn continued to play in various bands and was a frequent guest at Tull fan conventions where he would join in with gusto to rekindle the musical moments of the early repertoire.

We will miss him hugely and our condolences go to his wife Brigitte and children.

Glenn Cornick: musician. April 23rd 1947 – August 29th 2014.

Ted Nugent Warnings Not Heard

In an interview with, Ted Nugent said: “I told Jimi Hendrix he was gonna die. I told Bon Scott he was gonna die. I told Keith Moon he was gonna die. They all thought I was an idiot. They called me an a**hole and a loser because I wouldn’t drink and puke and drool.

“I didn’t take it personally – I kew drugs had destroyed their sense of logic and their sense of decency. ‘No, I don’t want any of that, Bon and why you’re killing yourself, I’ll never understand. If I had your voice, I’d rule the planet.'”

Live To Release New Album On October 28th

Listen to Sirens Call below:
The Turn tracklist

1. Sirens Call
2. Don’t Run to Wait
3. Natural Born Killers
4. 6310 Rodgerton Dr
5. By Design
6. The Way Around Is Through
7. Need Tonight
8. The Strength to Hold On
9. We Open The Door
10. He Could Teach the Devil Tricks
11. Till You Came Around

Exodus’ Gary Holt Explains New Album

Gary Holt said: “When I was working on the record, I was sitting around watching TV series like Gangland and all these locked-up prison reality shows. I thought, ‘Yeah, that’s like Exodus.’ It’s a brotherhood – you bleed to get in, you bleed to get out.

“I’ve been doing this kind of music since I was a teenager and I’ll be doing it until I can’t physically do it any more.” Blood In, Blood Out is the first Exodus album since the departure of frontman Rob Dukes. Steve “Zetro” Souza, who had two previous stints with the band, returns for the new record, which the group say was a seamless transition.

Hammerfall Explains New Album Title

He told Spotlight Report: “In Sweden, they sometimes take liberties with the translation of movie titles. When Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes came out in Swedish theatres, it was called Planet Of The Apes: (r)Evolution.

“For a long time I thought that was the original title. I realised when we had decided to use (r)Evolution, it was just the Swedish title, so it made it even better because it wasn’t available to many people.

“It also has meaning for us. For me, it means an on-going revolution that we’ve had since 1993. There’s been a revolution in heavy metal because in th

Asking Alexandria Released New Music Video

Asking Alexandria have released a new music video for their single Moving On
Guitarist Ben Bruce says: “For the first time in our careers, we are showcasing ourselves in the most sincere light possible. No drugs, no partying, no script and no bullsh*t. It’s just the five of us completely vulnerable.

“No matter what the circumstance, being away from those you love and care about is very difficult and drags you down. Luckily for us, we have incredible fans that love and support us and help us through our toughest times.”

Godsmack’s Shannon Larkin Discusses Side Projects

Larkin told 94.3 Kilo he always keeps his hand in during Godsmack downtime. He says: “Every band I’ve been in I’ve always had multiple side projects. I think it’s good to play with other musicians. And it’s good to play different styles of music as a player. It gets your different chops built up. “Playing in a blues project, it’s completely different to playing in a metal band. I have to use restraint that I don’t have to use in Godsmack.”

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