Foo Fighters Unveil Latest Song Off Sonic Highways

Foo Fighters have released the second track off their upcoming studio album ‘Sonic Highways’.

This time Dave and the gang draw inspiration from Washington D.C.

Here in Chicago, it was a blessing and a curse that the Foo Fighters decided to release their Chicago-inspired track “Something From Nothing” as their first single. On one hand, we had to wait the least to hear new Foo Fighters music about Chicago. On the other, every other song released by Foo Fighters that’s NOT about Chicago just isn’t as exciting.

We’re kidding of course because its the freaking Foo Fighters. This time the band showcases their time in Washington D.C. (as depicted by the Washington Monument on the Album Cover) with a track called ‘The Feast and The Famine’.

At least we remember one thing from history class.

While ‘Something From Nothing’ showcased rapid shifts in intensity and lots of awesome guitar riffs, ‘Famine’ comes right out of the gate with a ball of energy and never looks back.

We can’t help but think that the song’s title may elude to good times and bad times in politics and the “Is there anybody there?” line in the bridge might be Foo’s attempt at a wake up call.

Either way, we’re amped that Foo Fighters are now 2 for 2 when it comes to songs of Sonic Highways, which, you should probably pre-order on Amazon if you haven’t already. Here’s the link.

Oh and if you really have been living under a rock, Foo Fighters are playing at Wrigley Field in August. Plan Accordingly.

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