Metallica, Dave Grohl & More – Q101 Music News For Oct. 3rd 2014

Metallica, Dave Grohl & More – Q101 Music News For Oct. 3rd 2014

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Metallica and Dave Grohl Performing at Veterans Day Concert

Metallica released the following statement on their website: “We are honored to be asked to participate in a very special first-of-its-kind concert saluting U.S. veterans and their families on the National Mall in Washington D.C. this Veteran’s Day, November 11, 2014 … We’re excited to play for those who have given so much of themselves for others as the night shines the spotlight on the more than 20 million American veterans who have served.”

Volbeat Wants Some “Much-Needed Down Time”

In a recent interview with Soundcrave magazine, Rob Caggiano discussed the band’s recording plan after they get off the road. The Volbeat guitarist said, “We have been floating around some ideas. We will probably go back to the studio next year maybe in August.” He added that the band is going to enjoy some “much-needed down time”

Letters From the Fire Release “Zombies In The Sun” Video

“The track ‘Zombies in the Sun’ was actually written the second day I was in the studio with Mike Keller (guitars). Honestly, you never know what to expect when writing with a complete stranger, which at that time I hardly knew Mike or any of the guys at all. Mike was showing me some recordings and new ideas in which he tracked previously, and that intro riff to ‘Zombies in the Sun’ awakened some very strong feelings I’ve experienced, and instantly caught my attention. The emotions and thoughts which ran through my mind, I quickly found myself writing them down instantly about personal encounters I’ve endured with close friends and loved ones who were addicted to heroin.

I began writing metaphorically, acknowledging ones struggle with the drug, but soon found myself very angry in thought. I’m sure many can relate, seeing a kind, honest soul be taken away, and have such poison dilute their reality. It truly effects everyone around them, and users are completely unaware yet aware at times what they’re doing. My friends and loved ones turned into completely different people, doing things I’d never thought they do, and in some instances, the addiction took their lives. ‘Zombies in the Sun’ is a song that’s a call to action, cause I’m sick of losing good people to addiction. I’m expressing to all who struggle with this disease, to wake up, come back to reality and resurrect their souls.”

Dani Filth Reveals Cradle Of Filth Album Details

In an interview with Metal Kaoz, Filth stated that the working title for the album is ‘Hammer of the Witches,’ “but it’s just a working one at present.” He went on to add, “Some of the song titles are ‘Enshrined in Crematoria,’ ‘Misery Code,’ ‘Yours Immortally,’ ‘Achingly Beautiful, ‘Dantiesque,’ ‘Blackest Magic in Practice’ and ‘Deflowering the Maiden Head/Displeasuring the Goddess.’

As far as the sound of the record, Filth says, “The album is 80 percent finished and we have a lot of material that sounds brilliant. It has a little bit of everything; very cool twin guitar work, very fast thrash parts almost like deathcore and I mean stuff like Pap Smear, the really fast speed metal bands, but it’s very dark and symphonic.”

Filth continues, “Everybody has contributed to this from Lindsay the keyboard player, Martin the drummer — everybody has been working very hard. We have to get most of it done by the time we get to Russia, so we have two-and-a-half weeks and I have to finish the lyrics for a few songs but the songs are pretty much there; we just have to move stuff around and put some strange instrumentation.”

Randy Blythe Completed 1st Draft of ‘Dark Days’ Manuscript

In a new Instagram posting Lamb of God‘s Randy Blythe states, “This is what a completed 1st draft of a book manuscript looks like. I wrote this myself, mostly over the last eight months, and I finished it today at precisely 2:09PM. Next to it is an abridged dictionary I got for a quarter at a thrift store, placed there for perspective (in real life, I use a massive 3,000 pound unabridged dictionary, of course). The single space typed manuscript stands thicker than the 600+ page dictionary — now it’s time to trim the fat. I have to do a quick edit of the last three chapters and the epilogue over the next few days, then send them to my editors, then the ball is in their court for a while — it’s time to let them kill some of my darlings, to paraphrase a saying often erroneously attributed to Faulkner.”

He added, “There is still work to be done, but the worst is over. I did it. I saw it through. I fulfilled a lifelong dream of mine: I wrote a book, I can hold it in my hands, and I am damn proud of it. The work is good. And right about now, I must admit I am feeling pretty damn MAJESTIC. I can’t wait to do it again.”

Roger Waters Says “I Am Not Part Of Pink Floyd”

“Some people have been asking Laurie, my wife, about a new album I have coming out in November,” writes Waters. “Errhh? I don’t have an album coming out, they are probably confused.

“David Gilmour and Nick Mason have an album coming out. It’s called Endless River. David and Nick constitute the group Pink Floyd. I on the other hand, am not part of Pink Floyd.”

“I left Pink Floyd in 1985, that’s 29 years ago,” he continues. “I had nothing to do with either of the Pink Floyd studio albums, Momentary Lapse of Reason and The Division Bell, nor the Pink Floyd tours of 1987 and 1994, and I have nothing to do with Endless River. Phew! This is not rocket science people, get a grip.”

Stryper’s Michael Sweet “Album Sales Don’t Equate To Followers”

Michael Sweet tells Totally Driven Radio: “Album sales don’t equate to followers on Facebook and Twitter. If you have a million followers on Facebook and sell 10,000 copies of an album, something’s wrong.

“There are reasons that play into it, obviously, such as people just don’t buy music these days, people download, the economy’s bad, people don’t have the money – it goes on and on. But there’s still something deeply puzzling about that.”

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