Watch Hole Perform Celebrity Skin With Courtney Love’s Vocals And Guitar Isolated

Watch and listen to Courtney Love create some “interesting” sounds during a performance of her band’s 90s hit

So here’s the story.

According to Youtube User J.M. Ladd, he was hired through a New York City venue to record audio for a number of groups, including Hole, four years ago.

Ladd claims he was never payed for his work, leaving him with a hard drive full of audio tracks and nothing to show for it.

Last month he released a video featuring Hole performing their 90s hit “Celebrity Skin” except there is one catch.

Ladd decided to isolate lead-singer Courtney Love’s vocals and guitars and mute the rest of the band.

What’s left is truly something you’ll have to hear to believe.

What do you think about Love’s musical stylings? True grunge or totally terrifying? Tell us below in the comments.

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