LISTEN: Fall Out Boy Remixes “Only The Bulls”

Fall Out Boy puts their twist on the iconic Chicago tune in support of the Bulls

Listen to Chicago’s own Fall Out Boy and Lupe Fiasco’s cover the 1996 hit.

So here’s the deal, Chicago Natives Fall Out Boy and Lupe Fiasco have released the 2014 edition of Ira Antelis’ 1996 hit “Only The Bulls“. For those of you who weren’t born yet OR had too much fun in the 90’s, “Only The Bulls” was basically played on repeat while the Bulls were on their championship runs. It’s a cult-classic for Bulls fans and Chicago sports fans alike.

Now in 2014, Fall Out Boy is on a meteoric comeback tour with their latest hit “Centuries” and are one of the top alt-artists around. It’s nice to see that the Northsiders haven’t forgotten where they came from and can still take time to represent their city.

The song is updated, to say the least. Fall Out Boy mostly holds down the chorus while Chicago rapper Lupe Fiasco handles the verses. It doesn’t have the instant nostalgia that the 1996 version does, but maybe it’s time to accept that times have changed.

Whether or not you enjoy the song, we think it’s safe to say that everyone is hoping Fall Out Boy’s version helps the Bulls bring home 3 more championships like the original did in 1996.


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