Q101 Amazon Review Wednesday – 12/10/14






Q101 Amazon Review Wednesday – 12/10/14

Today’s Product


This week’s entry comes from the nice people at The Mountain apparel. No relation to the enormous, head smashing dude from Game of Thrones, but every bit as epic.

For everyone out there who thinks they’re no way to show your love of majestic woodland predators howling underneath a night sky full of stars…you’re wrong.

Allow us to introduce…The Three Wolf Moon Short Sleeve Tee.

We’ve found the holy grail of t-shirts and we couldn’t be more satisfied. This bad boy is not only sure to turn heads at the company picnic, but it’s also known to “attract women”, “provide supernatural powers” and even “possesses the ability to stop nuclear assaults from the Russians.”… at least that’s what the reviews say.

If you identify as a stoic, hardened gentleman or woman who needs to make an immediate statement anywhere they travel, we can not recommend the Three Wolf Moon Short Sleeve Tee enough.

Check out the reviews on Amazon.com. You won’t be disappointed. We promise.

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