Cyber Monday Deal Of The Century: 3 Q101 Shirts for $30

So here’s the deal:

We recently cleaned out an old prize closet and found these 3 kick-ass designs for Q101 t-shirts.

Naturally…we kept them for ourselves 🙂

But now we’re preparing to share them with YOU Q101 Nation!

These bad boys cost $24 per shirt and that’s like a LOT of dough. So we’re willing to make a deal…

Buy ALL of these LIMITED EDITION designs…and we’ll give them to you for $30.

Yes you read that right…THIRTY DOLLARS.

Our accountants HATE us right now but who cares what they say. We want YOU to have these LIMITED EDITION designs for only $30.

Here’s how you do it:

1. CLICK HERE to purchase your OFFICIAL Q101 Vintage T-Shirt 3 Pack

2. Make sure you pick the correct size for EACH shirt. We’re not responsible if you order the wrong size.

3. Once you get a confirmation email, your order has processed successfully.

4. Once we hit THIRTY (30) orders, we’ll start printing and sending out shirts. Due to the nature of this deal, shirts WILL NOT ship until AFTER 1/1/16.

5. Tell EVERYONE on social media to jump on this offer because once we hit 30 orders, we’re taking them off the shelves.


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Don’t say Q101 doesn’t love ya…Buy your 3 pack today.

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