Local 101 – Walsher Clemons – “Dance Like A Lunatic”

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This Local 101 comes from the Chicago-based group Walsher Clemons. Check out their bio as found on their website WalsherClemons.com!

Walsher Clemons is a dynamic blend of Rock, Funk, and Jazz, with the danceability of Pop music and sophisticated musicianship that keeps you hanging on every guitar solo, every drum solo, and every whaling keyboard lick.  The Chicago-based band has been winning fans all over the Midwest, and even as far as the Colorado Rockies, since 2014.

Founded in the southwest suburbs of Chicago, by Pat Walsh (guitar), Frank Minella (guitar), and Michael Campo (drums), Walsher Clemons began as an instrumental  jam-band, with Minella initially on bass.  The absence of vocals created a unique environment for improvisation and complex arrangements.  As a trio, the band performed at many high school events and won several battle of the bands competitions.

It wasn’t until a few years later that the band added Craig Urban (bass) and Walsh’s cousin, Riley Pettrone on vocals.  This had a great influence on the band’s songwriting process and the overall sound of the music.  The musicianship had been honed, but now the band could rely on a strong singer to lead the song.  Pettrone’s charismatic stage performances created an energetic, dance-frenzied show that added to the already tight band.

In 2015, Walsher released their first LP, Dancing & Praying.  The album received a good amount of radio play throughout the midwest, including Chicago’s WXRT.  Along with the album, the band released music videos for their singles, “Everybody Knows (The Woman Way)” and “Ain’t a Fool”.  Towards the end of the year, Urban was replaced by local bass prodigy, Donoven “Heavy” Brown.

While continuing touring the midwest, Walsher plans on recording a follow up EP to be released in the summer of 2016.  A few live videos are in the works and bigger and better shows is what Walsher Clemons is always striving for.






Find Walsher Clemons  on soundcloud, Facebook and youtube

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