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WANNA MAKE $172,800?
10 people will be hired in the next 30 days.
They WILL make no less than $80,000 their first year.
They will have a shot at making $172,800.
Who should consider this?
Your life is suburban. You know people and you’re not afraid to say hi and offer to help their business grow in the suburbs.
You have no fear.
You have drive.
You are positive and see opportunity.
You don’t wait for things to come to you.
You are likable, honorable, and coachable.
You are ready to take your future into your own hands.
Here’s the opportunity:
There are businesses struggling to reach new customers in the suburbs because they don’t know how, don’t have the time, or are overwhelmed with running their business. These business owners need YOU.
Communities NEED these businesses to be successful. Residents NEED their services and affordable pricing. These businesses NEED more customers.
This is a tremendous opportunity for YOU to make EXCELLENT money, close to home, and help change YOUR world.
No this isn’t some MLM or something.
No this is not a cubicle job where you sit around and play on Facebook to kill time between paychecks….
Yes this is performance/commission based.
Yes this is full-time.
Yes this is a “sales” position.
Yes you can make more than $172,800.
Yes you will make $80,000 your first year.
Do you believe in yourself?
Most people who don’t take action either don’t believe in the opportunity, or deep down, they doubt themselves.
This might be the golden opportunity you’ve been waiting for.
But be WARNED, opportunity is USUALLY disguised as hard work.
If you would like to be considered, please fill out the form below. 

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