Everlast Just Gave The Best Response To Donald Trump Using A House of Pain Song

Does this sound familiar? Republican Presidential hopeful Donald Trump uses a song at one of his rallies and is promptly shut down by the band.

It seems like dismissing The Donald has become a right-of-passage for artists in 2016 but House of Pain frontman Everlast may have given the best response to Trump’s unauthorized use to date.

Trump has been using the popular House of Pain hit “Jump Around” at his rallies for some time now and, surprise, he never got permission.

Everlast, who’s real name is Erik Schrody, spoke out about the issue but made sure to clarify that he will not be taking any legal action beyond a simple C&D letter because┬ásuing The Donald would be “a scumbag Donald Trump move.”


Read the entire interview at BILLBOARD

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