Keeping It Annonymous With A Darker Color Bright

Mysterious Dark Pop, Mixed Media Solo Artist A Darker Color Bright, otherwise known as ADCB, introduced his bleak, minimalistic aria paired with austere sampling in his debut video, “Fluorescent” in 2015, which was followed by “Missing You” in March 2016. Both videos, though individually unique, emphasize the ascetic tone of the enigmatic songwriter/producer/director’s unconventional soundscapes, and create tremendous anticipation for more.

Check out our Q&A with the mysterious artist below, and download Adcbep1 on iTunes!


Hello and thanks for taking the time out to answer a few questions!  Tell us a little bit about A Darker Color Bright.  How did you create this project, what was the initial vision, and how has it evolved?

Your welcome. Thanks for having me.

ADCB was built from the ground up solely by my self. The idea being,… put together something that was completely independent of anyone else.

How do you define and describe your music?

I’m growing quite fond of the label Dark Pop.

Who have been the greatest musical influences on ADCB?

David Bowie, Floyd, Prince, Hendrix, Johnny Cash,  Richard Marx, Massive Attack, Naked Eyes, The Beatles, NIN, Weezer, Psychedelic Furs, The Doors, The Shins, Marz Volta. I love it all!!

What has been your biggest challenge in presenting ADCB as anonymous project?

Keeping it anonymous is probably the biggest challenge. I can’t just give the material out to all my friends and be like, “Hey check out my new stuff, spread the word!.” The approach on getting the word out is unlike any other project I’ve ever done.

What would make you feel like ADCB was a success?  What are your ultimate goals?  How would you like to be remembered?

What is success really? In the eye of the beholder I suppose. My definition of success / goal for this project would be to get it out to the public as much as possible and that others enjoy it as much as I enjoyed creating it. To me that’s success. I would like ADCB to be remembered for the material.

Tell us about your equipment?  What is your go-to instrument brand?  What is your preferred software for production?

I use ESP and Tregan guitars, Fender Basses, Yamaha keys, Pearl drums, Sennheiser and Rhode Microphones. Everything on this EP was recorded in Pro Tools.

Do you ever plan on stepping out from behind ADCB to produce and release your music?

I’ve been a part of numerous group projects in the past. ADCB IS me stepping out and releasing my music.

Is there anything about the man behind ADCB that you can share?

Sorry, but that’s confidential information.

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