Advertise On Q101 Chicago

Advertise on Q101 Chicago

Q101 Chicago has a widely-devoted, highly-enthusiastic, local, entertainment entrenched, musically-motivated, tech-savvy audience ready for you to advertise to.

The typical Q101 fan eats, drives, wears clothes, communicates, commutes, educates, learns, commiserates, and co-habitates in Chicagoland with over 8 million other people.  The average Q101 listener has 2 eyes, 2 ears, 2 legs, a mobile device, computer, heart, brain, and courage.  Put em up!

Every business wants to reach fans like Q101 fans.  These fans are business builders.  These fans are trendsetters.  Some are jet-setters, even globe-trotters.

advertise on Q101

The rules have changed.  If you are interested in spending lots  of money to reach lots of people, buy a Superbowl ad.

If you want to get in front of a rabid audience who knows how to support things that aren’t always cool….we have 4 banner positions on available for you.

For now, each space is available to a maximum of 7 clients at a time.  That means if you choose position #1, your banner add will rotate with no more than 7 other banners.  7 advertisers per position is our max.

Advertising starts at just $101/week.  You supply the banner ad in the appropriate size, we run if for the prepaid time period, in the position you choose.

Once payment is made, you pick the start date.  We run your ad.